Regional Technical Operations Work Group

Blowing Dust in Northern Arizona Fire Event, Strawberry Mountain Class I Wilderness Area, Oregon Devils Tower, Wyoming Glacier National Park Class I Area, Montana Missoula, Montana
Regional Technical Operations Work Group

Calls, Meetings, and Notes

November 19, 2019 Call Agenda/Notes

Sept. 10, 2019 call

  1. Welcome / Roll Call / Note-taking / Agenda Review – Mike / Kevin / Gail
  2. Review of modeling deliverables and updated schedule – next ~2 months – Ralph (PPT)
  3. White Paper on International Contributions / Boundary Conditions – Mike (PPT)
  4. 2028 Modeling Scenarios – Tom (PDF)
  5. Review agenda items and time/date of next call (Oct. 15th)

August 6, 2019 Call Agenda/Notes

Alaska Visibility Analysis presentation (PPTX)


August 2019 Regional Haze Modeling Plan update (PDF)

Western Modeling Domains (PNG)

Regional Haze Modeling Scenarios – June 20, 2019 (XLSX)

Materials from RTOWG / IWDW-WAQS 2014v1 Shakeout Modeling Platform Results meeting
Friday, April 5, 2019 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM MDT, Denver

Shakeout Deliverables and EPRI International Haze Study (Ralph)

Sensitivity Modeling Comparison Results (Ramboll)
  • Meteorology
  • Biogenics
  • Boundary Conditions

Emissions Processing Results
Air Quality Modeling Results - Model Performance Evaluation (Marco)

IWDW / TSSv2 Ingestion and Data Displays for Shakeout Platform (Shawn)

Modeling Plan and Recommendations (Ralph)

Next Steps and v2 work assignment (Tom)

February 12, 2019 Call Agenda and Notes

Uniform Rate of Progress Adjustment presentation (PPT)

Shakeout Modeling Platform progress report (PPT)

WRAP Workplan – RTOWG Appendix E draft for review (DOC)

August 16, 2018 Notes (PDF)

Fiore presentation (PDF)

Neu presentation (PDF)

Modeling Representativeness Analysis Project

Draft SoW for Analysis of inter-annual variability of meteorology, emissions, and air quality observations in the western US to assess representativeness for regional modeling and air quality planning (Jan. 12, 2018)

Project call #1 – Feb. 9, 2018 Project call #2 – Feb. 22, 2018 (MP4 recording)

Project call #3 – March 15, 2018 (MP4 recording)

Data Review OneNote notebook link. Click to review and comment on data

Project call #4 – April 5, 2018 (MP4 recording)

Project call #5 – April 19, 2018 (MP4 recording) (Ramboll presentation) (PMF analysis report) (PMF analysis appendix)

Final Report (PDF)

Data Displays for Final Report (PDF)

TSC-WGs-Subcommittee Membership (XLS, May 16, 2018)

Reference Material