Completed Work Group Products

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Completed Work Group Products

Fire & Smoke Work Group Oil & Gas Work Group
  • OGWG Projected Emissions from Baseline Year Emissions Inventory – October 11, 2019
    • Final Report and Inventory Spreadsheet for the “Continuation of Historical Trends” projection inventory. These data will be used in modeling and control analyses for Regional Haze planning.
    • Alternative High and Low emissions projections scenarios will be added.
  • OGWG Baseline Year Alaska and Intermountain Region Emissions Inventory revised final deliverables – Sept. 2019
    • The Revised Final Report and Inventory Spreadsheet were completed in mid-Sept. and posted on Sept. 23, 2019. These files completely replace the previously posted July 2019 report and spreadsheet, while the gas profile information posted in July is unchanged. The July report and spreadsheet files have been removed to avoid confusion. The Revised Final Report includes updates from the July postings to include the: 1)Colorado O&G emissions based on new inventories provided by Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and Southern Ute Indian Tribe and 2) Williston Basin casinghead gas emission inventory to correct emissions that were biased low based on EPA O>ool inputs.
  • OGWG Emissions Survey for State Air Agencies and O&G Operators
  • OGWG Road Map: Phase I Report
  • WRAP OGWG Road Map Scope of Work
  • WRAP OGWG Oil and Gas Emission Sources
Regional Haze Planning Work Group Regional Technical Operations Work Group Tribal Data Work Group