Tribal Data Work Group

Blowing Dust in Northern Arizona Fire Event, Strawberry Mountain Class I Wilderness Area, Oregon Devils Tower, Wyoming Glacier National Park Class I Area, Montana Missoula with Clark Fork River, Montana
Tribal Data Work Group

March 15, 2022 Workplan Scope approved by TDWG

November 30, 2021 draft TDWG Workplan Scope

Communication Framework for Regional Haze Planning final on Sept. 3, 2019

WRAP region map with Tribal Resources

WRAP Tribal Outreach (April 18, 2019) WebEx recording (MP4 format) Presentation (PPTX)

WESTAR-WRAP Air Quality Data and Decision Support Systems at CSU/CIRA (December 4, 2019) Webinar recording (MP4 format) Presentation (PDF)

Tribal Data Work Group Calls

January 16, 2020 Agenda Notes

November 22, 2019 Agenda Notes

September 19, 2019 Agenda Notes

April 18, 2019 Agenda Notes TDWG Monthly Call Agendas/Notes/Follow-up action items for Sept. 2018 through Jan. 2019

ITEP / EN3 Work Products for TDWG

Task 1.1     General WRAP Outreach to Tribes     Status: Complete
Sub-Task 1.1.1     Regional Haze materials for Tribal professionals
Fact Sheet     Presentation

Sub-Task 1.1.2     WRAP Processes and Procedures for Tribes
Fact Sheet     Presentation

Sub-Task 1.1.3     Tribal Contacts in the WRAP Region     Status: Complete (spreadsheet Dec. 2019, outreach letter drafted, to be sent in Feb. 2020)

Sub-Task 1.1.4     WRAP Tribal Maps     Status: Complete
Updated main WRAP map page and TDWG map are the same, at:

Task 1.2     Tribal AQS Data Gap Study     Status: Complete
EN3's technical report Tribal AQS Data Gap Study was completed and submitted on November 23, 2018. A comprehensive Excel spreadsheet showing tribal and tribally-related air monitoring activities accompanied this report.

Task 1.3     Tribal NEI Data Gap Stud     Status: Complete
EN3’s technical report that presents the results and conclusions of this work.     Tribes with Point Sources spreadsheet

Task 1.4     Tribal Oil & Gas Emissions Inventory     Status: Complete
EN3 has completed a compilation of principal oil and gas (O&G) producing tribes in the WRAP region.
Final Report     Comments on Draft Report

Task 1.5     Consultation Protocol     Status: Complete
Process used: EN3 engaged in frequent communications with TDWG leaders and the WRAP Consultation & Coordination (C&C) Subcommittee. The Subcommittee has prepared a Draft WRAP Communication Framework for Regional Haze Planning. EN3 has reviewed this document and shared comments with TDWG in preparation for the upcoming meeting. (Notes document) EN3 suggested that the TDWG, C&C Subcommittee and broader WRAP leadership decide whether to modify and expand this "Framework" document to include Tribal consultation or, alternatively, prefer to have a separate complementary product. Using comments from ITEP and EN3, the TDWG, Coordination and Glide Path Subcommittee, and the Regional Haze Planning Work Group have all reviewed and completed the final CommunicationFramework for Regional Haze Planning Sept. 3, 2019.

Task 1.6     Webinars     Status: Complete
EN3 completed materials on Regional Haze (Task 1.1.1) and "Tribes, WRAP and Regional Haze" (Task 1.1.2). These materials were used in webinars as posted above (WRAP Tribal Outreach (April 18, 2019) WebEx recording (MP4 format) Presentation (PPTX), and WESTAR-WRAP Air Quality Data and Decision Support Systems at CSU/CIRA (December 4, 2019) Webinar recording (MP4 format) Presentation (PDF).

TSC-WGs-Subcommittee Membership(XLS, May 16, 2018)