RHPWG Coordination and Glide Path Subcommittee

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Regional Haze Planning Workgroup Coordination and Glide Path Subcommittee

Overview/Purpose for all RHPWG Subcommittees:
The purpose of the subcommittees in their subject areas would be to:
  1. Interact and coordinate with other appropriate WRAP Work Groups for Regional Haze SIP preparation tasks.
  2. Develop principles or protocols to guide RH SIP preparation tasks that are appropriate for western state circumstances.
  3. Determine when and what contract work is needed and assist in preparation of contract tasks and evaluation of work products.
  4. Keep pace of work on schedule for RH SIP preparation

The purpose of the “Coordination and Glide Path” subcommittee is to coordinate communications with the larger RHPWG regarding SIP planning needs, development of the shared database, and documentation that may be used in SIP revisions or public outreach. The subcommittee also advises the technical contractors for the shared database, the TSS v2, housed at CIRA, Colorado State University) regarding the database functionalities needed and data display. This subcommittee will coordinate with many other subcommittees and work groups to accomplish its purpose.

This subcommittee, formed in February 2019, is the result of merging remaining tasks from the following three subcommittees, which operated through February 2019: Responsibilities and Deliverables
  1. Assist with evaluation (or scoping for contract work) regarding trend analysis for monitoring data, including natural conditions, and “glidepath” construction, including adjustments.
  2. Coordinate with various subcommittees and work groups to ensure a smooth transition to populating the TSS v.2 with correct and complete monitoring data, emissions data, and modeling results.
  3. Coordinate efforts to complete and distribute informational products, including documentation of analyses, consultation tracking, planning requirements, and training webinars.
Work Products

Overview of Regional Haze Planning, May 7, 2019 RHPWG consensus


Cindy HollenbergNew Mexico Cindy.Hollenberg@state.nm.us
Ed MertaAlbuquerque/BC DEH emerta@cabq.gov
Elias ToonArizona Toon.Elias@azdeq.gov
Ryan TempletonArizona Templeton.Ryan@azdeq.gov
Shawn McClureCIRA Shawn.McClure@colostate.edu
Ted FriesnerCIRA Ted.Friesner@colostate.edu
Tina Suarez-MuriasCalifornia christine.suarez-murias@arb.ca.gov
Carl Brown Idaho Carl.Brown@deq.idaho.gov
Pascale WarrenIdaho Pascale.Warren@deq.idaho.gov
Brandon McGuireMontana BMcGuire@mt.gov
Kristen MartinMontana KMartin@mt.gov
Rebecca HarbageMontana rharbage@mt.gov
Pat BrewerNational Park Service (DOI) patricia_f_brewer@nps.gov
Frank ForsgrenNevada fforsgre@ndep.nv.gov
Sig JaunarajsNevada sjaunara@ndep.nv.gov
Neal ButtNew Mexico neal.butt@state.nm.us
Roslyn HigginNew Mexico roslyn.higgin@state.nm.us
Julie SimpsonNez Perce julies@nezperce.org
Phil AllenOregon allen.philip@deq.state.or.us
Richard GrimaldiPima CountyRichard.Grimaldi@pima.gov
Brett GanttUS EPA - OAQPS-RTPGantt.Brett@epa.gov
Jaslyn DobrahnerUS EPA Region 8Dobrahner.Jaslyn@epa.gov
Tim AllenUS FWStim_allen@fws.gov
Bret AndersonUSFSbaanderson02@fs.fed.us
Jay BakerUtah jbaker@utah.gov
Bob LebensWESTARblebens@westar.org
Tom MooreWRAP-WESTAR tmoore@westar.org
Jean-Paul HuysWashington jhuy461@ecy.wa.gov
Amber PottsWyoming amber.potts@wyo.gov

Subcommittee Calls

WRAP member overview of Natural Conditions evaluation work (August 27, 2019) MP4 recording
  • Brandon McGuire (PPT)
  • Joe Adlhoch (PPT)
August 8, 2019 Agenda
  1. Draft TSS FAQ's - August 8 version
July 16, 2019 Agenda Notes
  1. Natural Conditions Presentation
  2. WRAP Consultation and Coordination Framework Document
June, 13, 2019 Agenda

May 9, 2019 Agenda Notes

April 11, 2019 Agenda Notes

March 14, 2019 Agenda Notes

February 28, 2019 Agenda Notes