Phase IV Inventory

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O&G Emissions Workgroup: Phase IV Inventory

Phase IV Project
The Phase III Emission Inventory project found here was initiated in the Fall of 2007 (using 2006 as the base year) to further refine the regional oil and gas emission inventory for the Intermountain West. Due to the amount of time necessary to accumulate funding for compiling the Phase III inventory, many changes are occurring in the ever developing landscape of oil and gas development. Phase III envisioned periodic triennial updates to this O&G inventory to capture these changes, and the WRAP is working with Phase III sponsor, the Western Energy Alliance, to initiate this first triennial update for a new base year of 2009.

The Phase IV project will still focus on criteria pollutant emissions for all point and area sources associated with the exploration, production, and gathering operations of oil and gas in the major basins throughout the six-state (CO, MT, NM, ND, UT, and WY) study region. In addition, the project will explore the possibility of compiling estimates for some future projection years. The data collection and analysis, review and discussion, and inventory data file preparation for each major basin – draft/final documents will appear below as they are prepared. Records of conference calls are collected at the Oil & Gas Emission Workgroup main page found here.

Contact Lee Gribovicz for more information: E-Mail [email protected], Phone: (623)312-2962.

Phase III O&G Basin Map & Emission Source List (08/08) PDF (1 MB)

Basin Specific Reports:The 2009 O&G Emission Inventory Update report for Wyoming Basins contains a description of the sources included in each inventory, the data collection methodology, the inventory preparation procedures and summary tables of the results. The Data Summary spreadsheets for each Wyoming Basin contain the summary emissions inventory data itself, including the detailed county-level emissions, emissions by source category and by SCC, permitted and unpermitted emissions if available, and tables and charts of the emissions in similar format to those presented in the report documentation for each basin.

  • 2009 O&G Emission Inventory Update report for Wyoming (11/29/2012) PDF (1.5 MB)
  • Powder River Basin
    • 2009 Update Data Summary Spreadsheet (12/03/2012) XLSX (2.5 MB)
  • Greater Green River Basin
    • 2009 Update Data Summary Spreadsheet (12/03/2012) XLSX (1.5 MB)
  • Wind River Basin
    • 2009 Update Data Summary Spreadsheet (12/03/2012) XLSX (1.3 MB)